Moxie. It’s a spirit—an energy. A can-do, never-give-up attitude and outlook. Time and again we meet women who embody it. Women who’ve invested time and talents into a business idea, who are simply awaiting one final piece: the funding. MOXIE comes to life with one purpose: to match that spirit with opportunity as we financially support these new businesses.


Just like the artistry that goes into creating fine wines, it is the coming together—the blending—of many things that brings about the determination and passion that encompasses moxie. We recognize that as we kick off MOXIE. It’s our goal to reach women who just need the final piece—the financing—to get their business off the ground. We want to celebrate their vulnerability and strength. Honor their vision and resolve. Reward hard work with accomplishment.


Their plans are in place. The preparation is done.


Partner with us as we turn dreams into reality by offering the financial backing and support that these female entrepreneurs have been waiting for. Not only will you receive access to amazing wine experiences, but also the fulfillment that comes from lending a hand and bringing visions to life. Join us as can-do becomes I’ve-done-it.

$20 of each membership is donated.